When the LE-3D was introduced more than 30 years ago, Lennartz Electronic has set a new standard for short period seismometers regarding uniformity and handiness. Until today, our sensors rest upon the same basic principle and are still among the best-selling seismometers.

Lennartz sensors do not need any kind of transportation locking nor do they require excessive settling time or elaborate thermal shielding. A useful signal is present seconds after power-up. All sensors are exactly calibrated with the utmost diligence and have identical characteristics.

LE-3Dlite MkIII: the seismometer that started it all; evolved out of LE-3D classic. Has been around since 1986 and has undergone a number of refinement cycles. MkIII (introduced in 2014) further improves on the already impressive features of MkII. Even less noise, even less power dissipation, increased sensitivity.

LE-1D/V MkIII: the single-component (vertical) version of the above.

LE-3D/5s MkIII: three components, 0.2 Hz (5 s). Extremely low self noise, yet rugged and fieldworthy. The instrument of choice for H/V (Nakamura).

LE-3D/BH: the downhole version of LE-3Dlite

LE-3D/BHs:  the simplified version of the above, for installation in sand.