Essential features and characteristics:

This seismometer with a lower cutoff frequency of 0.05 Hz is perfectly suited for those who want to record longer periods without losing portability.

  • robust instrument

  • Protection class IP67

  • quick and easy installation (plug and measure)

  • uniform sensitivity and transfer function

Please note that this sensor model will not be produced anymore. After the sell-of of the remaining stock, this instrument will be discontinued.


The most important characteristics:

Eigenperiod  20 seconds
Upper frequency limit 40 Hz
Transduction factor 1000 V/(m/s)
Output signal 3 analog voltages, max. +- 10V
Power supply +9 ... +15V DC, < 50 mA @12 V 
Dimensions 194 mm diameter, 165 mm height
Weight 6.5 kg
Temperature range -15 ... +35 °C