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It is now widely accepted that at sites with high ground noise, measurement conditions can be considerably improved by using a downhole seismometer. For those who seek the best possible solution for a challenging site, we offer two perfectly suited instruments: The LE-3D/BH and the simplified version LE-3D/BHs.

Essential features and characteristics:


The most important characteristics:

Eigenperiod  1 second
Upper frequency limit 100 Hz
Transduction factor 800 V/(m/s) (differential)
Output signal 3 analog voltages, max. +- 7V
Power supply +10 ... +16V DC, typically 6 mA @12 V 
Dimensions 62 mm diameter, 880 or 1080 mm length
Weight 9 kg
Temperature range -15 ... +60 °C
RMS noise @ 1 Hz       < 1 nm/s
Dynamic range > 136 dB